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A Space Wolves Terminator Army

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    Welcome to my Space Wolves army blog, Logan's Wolf Wing. Here I will present all the steps in creating the army. It is based on Logan's ability that allows us to field wolf guard terminators as troops. Hope you find it interesting. Please feel free to drop in and comment to things. Kind Regards, Nestor

Grey Hunters WIP

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Here is a picture of my Grey Hunters as they are moving on through their painting phase.. The usual..black primer, Fenris Grey basecoat, washed with Blue, a highlight of 1:1 Fenris Grey and Skull White applied lastly (In real life the armour colour is much deeper,anyways :) ).
Hardest part was as expected the yellow shoulder pads. So, the recipe I followed for this is as follows, skull white undercoat, 2 coats of thinned Iyanden Darksun from the Foundation rage of GW, and several thinned down coats of Golden yellow. I am rather satisfied by the result of this, and I have yet to decide on a wash and a final highlight. As I said this is still a WIP for my Grey Hunters. I know that some parts seem unrefined, but I will deal with them in subsequent steps.. enjoy the photos

A glimpse of the pack..

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The grey hunters are charging on to their painting station :) Basecoat is Fenris Grey from GW. A tutorial on how to paint the sons of Russ will follow shortly.

The first Pack is here

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I just bought the first pack of Space Wolves. These will be my Grey Hunters pack. I assembled the models during my visit to the game store. One thing I noted is that although the detail is abundant and crisp on the models, I found out that there are no flamers in the box. Might be some in the tactical squads of the Space Marines box, I am not quite sure on that, but I am on the lookout..
Hopefully, the raid at the bits box at the store will yield some flamers :) I am waiting for the phone call to verify this.Tomorrow is paint day.. I will start painting my first pack..

I am still on the waiting for my things to arrive in the mail.. gotta blame the strikes of postmen for this..

I was to the game store yesterday, and I was thinking on how to prepare an additional army list in order to get them on for a casual game or maybe a small tourney.. something that will be on a more all comers basis, and able to demonstrate the counter-attacking abilities of the Space Wolves.  There is no reason to discuss how good an army the Space Wolves are..we all know this point is true.. :)

Here is the list:

wolf lord with Terminator Armour, Belt of Russ, Woolftooth Necklace, Bolter and saga of Majesty

Rune Priest with Terminator Armour, Runic Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag grenade, Krak grenades, JOWW, and LL

4x Terminators Wolf Guard with Woolftooth Necklace, Foehammer, Anvil Shield, Saga of the Bear
4x Terminators Wolf Guard with Wolf claws and Combi-meltas

2x Grey Hunters pack

Plus the following,
Drop Pod
Land Raider Redeemer
2x Rhinos
2x Whirlwinds

This list is quite different from the Wolfwing list, and it is a highly mobile army.. Main drawback of Space Wolves and I would say almost all of the Space Marines armies is that they are pretty slow in advancing through the battlefield.
So, they must be mounted on transports. The old cheap and cheerful Rhinos come to the rescue at this point. Something to move the grey hunters packs faster on the other side of the battlefield.
A land Raider and a Drop pod are going to be employed in the transportation of the two HQs and their wolf guards. Assignment of these is to be decided on each game. Reasoning behind this is that these units must get into cc as soon as possible, and the drop pod fits this quite good :P The Land Raider will provide cover and firepower against foots loggers as its flamers will make a short work of them :)
Lastly, there are the Whirlwinds..my favourite heavy support vehicles. Just keep them under cover, and let them rain missiles and death to the enemies of the Imperium.

Today I had the time (finally) to visit my local gaming store. The owner is an avid Space Wolves player himself, so we had a good discussion on all aspects of having a space wolves army (and how to make other tremble in the thought..).
I was informed that most of the times games are up to 1500pts so I will need to cut parts when it comes to gaming. In any case, this is a Wolfwing army..Logan's finest.
It is my impression, which I may be totally wrong, that most people consider space wolves to be one of the least mobile armies in the game. But I think this holds true with most of the space marines around.
Lastly, I was informed that I am the winner of the current competition that run on the Space Wolves blog run by Adam and the rest of the team. So, a thank you is in order, and I have to say I am waiting for my audio book to arrive, and let myself listen to the howling of the great wolves once more.

Some Useful Downloads

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Pit of the Oni have made available a W40K roster sheet. It is in PDF format, but you can actually fill in the roster, save it and printed as you see fit. The points' total is calculated automatically.
Enjoy and leave a comment to Oni if you like it :)

W40K Roster Sheet (by Pit of the Oni)

My Army List

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From years, when I actually started onto the W40K hobby, I was set for the Space Wolves. I remember on those days I dreamt for a terminator only army walking down the field and putting fear at their enemies hearts (ok, the Necrons might be out of this, and maybe orks..lol), and then I drifted out of the playing part of the hobby, and now I am moving back onto it..
So, Logan is my choise of Wolflord. The wisest and oldest..the one that allows us to field the terminators as troops.. that means, a terminator army..but not marching..they should drop from the sky, and the enemies to witness the claws of Fenris scorching the sky..
Here it goes.. enjoy :)

Squad 1
Logan Grimnar
4xWG Terminators
-Thunder Harmmer, Storm Shield
-3xWolf Claw, Storm Bolter
( Riding in Drop Pod )

Squad 2
Arjac Rockfist
4xWG Terminators
-3xWolf Claw, Storm Bolter
-Wolf Claw, Storm Bolter
( Riding in Drop Pod )

Squad 3
Rune Priest -Jaws of the World Wolf, and Living Lighting
-Terminator Armor
-Wolftooth Necklace
4xWG Terminators
-3xWolf Claw Storm Bolter
-Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
( Riding in Drop Pod )

Squad 4
5xWG Terminators
-Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
-4xWolf Claw, Storm Bolter
( Riding in Pod )

Squad 5
Venerable Dreadnought
-Assault Cannon
( Riding In Drop Pod )

Squad 6
Venerable Dreadnought
-Assault Cannon
( Riding in Drop Pod )

Squad 7
5xWG Terminators
-Thunder Hammer, Storm Sihield
-4xWolf Claw, Storm Bolter
( Riding in Pod )

1999 Points

Hope you like it.