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    Welcome to my Space Wolves army blog, Logan's Wolf Wing. Here I will present all the steps in creating the army. It is based on Logan's ability that allows us to field wolf guard terminators as troops. Hope you find it interesting. Please feel free to drop in and comment to things. Kind Regards, Nestor

Grey Hunters WIP

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Here is a picture of my Grey Hunters as they are moving on through their painting phase.. The usual..black primer, Fenris Grey basecoat, washed with Blue, a highlight of 1:1 Fenris Grey and Skull White applied lastly (In real life the armour colour is much deeper,anyways :) ).
Hardest part was as expected the yellow shoulder pads. So, the recipe I followed for this is as follows, skull white undercoat, 2 coats of thinned Iyanden Darksun from the Foundation rage of GW, and several thinned down coats of Golden yellow. I am rather satisfied by the result of this, and I have yet to decide on a wash and a final highlight. As I said this is still a WIP for my Grey Hunters. I know that some parts seem unrefined, but I will deal with them in subsequent steps.. enjoy the photos

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