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    Welcome to my Space Wolves army blog, Logan's Wolf Wing. Here I will present all the steps in creating the army. It is based on Logan's ability that allows us to field wolf guard terminators as troops. Hope you find it interesting. Please feel free to drop in and comment to things. Kind Regards, Nestor

The first Pack is here

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I just bought the first pack of Space Wolves. These will be my Grey Hunters pack. I assembled the models during my visit to the game store. One thing I noted is that although the detail is abundant and crisp on the models, I found out that there are no flamers in the box. Might be some in the tactical squads of the Space Marines box, I am not quite sure on that, but I am on the lookout..
Hopefully, the raid at the bits box at the store will yield some flamers :) I am waiting for the phone call to verify this.Tomorrow is paint day.. I will start painting my first pack..

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