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    Welcome to my Space Wolves army blog, Logan's Wolf Wing. Here I will present all the steps in creating the army. It is based on Logan's ability that allows us to field wolf guard terminators as troops. Hope you find it interesting. Please feel free to drop in and comment to things. Kind Regards, Nestor

Today I had the time (finally) to visit my local gaming store. The owner is an avid Space Wolves player himself, so we had a good discussion on all aspects of having a space wolves army (and how to make other tremble in the thought..).
I was informed that most of the times games are up to 1500pts so I will need to cut parts when it comes to gaming. In any case, this is a Wolfwing army..Logan's finest.
It is my impression, which I may be totally wrong, that most people consider space wolves to be one of the least mobile armies in the game. But I think this holds true with most of the space marines around.
Lastly, I was informed that I am the winner of the current competition that run on the Space Wolves blog run by Adam and the rest of the team. So, a thank you is in order, and I have to say I am waiting for my audio book to arrive, and let myself listen to the howling of the great wolves once more.


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  1. Congrats on your win; with any luck the book won't be read by someone with a fake Nordic accent!

  2. Nestor says:

    Thanks man.. I will let you know whether a Viking does the reading or not :)

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